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The Isle Event Center has a history dating back to 1921. The building was originally opened as the Zim Zim Theatre.  It was purchased and remodeled in 1935, and underwent a name change to the Isle Theater as the result of a naming competition. The theater had closed in 1997 and sat empty until 2008 when there were ideas of tearing the building down. The former City Councilman, Tom Nesvold, pursued a buyer to preserve the downtown icon.  Mark Ruppel, CEO of Ardisam located in Cumberland, says the company bought the building from the city, planning to re-open the theatre for the community because it holds so much history for the town and memories for the people who live there. The Isle Theater then had multiple renovations and re-opened on April 18, 2008. Since then, it has underwent many other renovations and turned into The Isle Event Center.

The Isle Event Center holds up to 100 people and is great for meetings, parties, and many other gatherings. Watch the game on the big screen or come for any of our live events like Comedy Night or Live Bands. Contact us today for more info!

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