Looking for a place to eat in Cumberland? Look no further! We have a very robust menu that is sure to satisfy almost any appetite. We have a large selection of appetizers, soups & salads, sandwiches, wraps, burgers, pizzas and more! Kick back to relax and enjoy great food and drinks! We also have great lunch specials during the week. We are open Tuesday - Sunday at 10 AM. 

**At Nezzy's, we strive to give the best experience possible for our customers. If your experience today was above or below your expectation we would love to hear from you. We cannot fix what may have been below nor can we keep enhancing what was above if we don’t hear from our most valuable asset...YOU.

**Attention Nezzy’s Customers! Due to the ever changing product prices, our prices may vary from what you see on the menu. We would like to keep updated as much as possible, but with price changes almost weekly, it isn’t feasible to change and print our menus every week. Thank you for your understanding.**

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